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Toulon is more active than ever

Considered as stubborn, figures are an...

Opening of a new university residence

As part of Toulon's of urban renovation project and further to the...

A city where it feels good to study

Toulon City has climbed 8 places on l'...

Paying by phone for parking is now possible

A simple fast and safe means of payment

The Japanese culture festival
All year round.
A ride full of charm
An exceptional site with a breathtaking view, a cable car, a zoo and a...
Several structures assist entrepreneurs with their project to set-up or develop their activity on the territory of Toulon.
At the centre of Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur region, Toulon city area...
A major priority of the territory
The Technopole
Toulon and the municipalities of TPM are among today’s most attractive...

Students in Toulon