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The 2nd tube of the tunnel : not much longer to go!

On Wednesday, October 9th the visit of what is not any more a construction site took place. It is an almost functional tunnel. Gathering the authorities and the press, the meeting was the opportunity to confirm an opening in the traffic for the 1st quarter of 2014.

Primarily concerned by this guided tour, Prefect Laurent Cayrel (the State being a  contracting authority of this work) and Myor Hubert Falco, who closely follows "a construction site which started 23 years ago!", as he did not fail to remind.

70,000 cars and 3,600 trucks underground

He also called to mind the impressive number of vehicles which will be able to cross the city underground rather than on the surface, insisting on a quality of life greatly increased for local residents living on the current route of trucks.

As for the tunnel itself, as one of the persons in charge stated, "it is almost completed let alone some finishing touches to the electric parts, the road markings and the signalling system, we can say that it is ready. The coating (clear, as the walls) was put up two days ago and only the phonic cover, planned at each end, is yet to come".

From now on, the main issue will be safety.

Tests and practical exercises

It is an obvious fact, if it is almost ended, the subject is not less than a major importance. The Prefect specified that, further to the evaluation carried out in the course of July by a national committee, a backup plan concerning both the assistance and the conditions of traffic naturally in compliance with existing standards, was going to be presented to the elected authorities on October 18th of this year and adopted in a definitive fine way in November.

The next period will be dedicated to the essential practical tests, that is to say the tests of all the elements of the installation and of course the exercises of in situ assistance.

Eventually, once the conditions of work management are defined the opening decree can be signed... Safely!

The 2nd tube of the tunnel:

  • 1.86mi long
  • 8 pedestrian security doors communicating with the 1st tube,
  • 3 emergency vehicles security passages communicating with the 1st tube
  • a last generation ventilation system  (with which the 1st tube will be also fitted)
  • a performing sound and communication system in case of necessity of evacuation
  • wall lightings inciting compliance with safety distances


On the last Friday of November, the city put on its winter clothes. A magical moment which will repeat itself every evening, until early January.

Nested between the green Mount Faron and the clear Le Mourillon waters, Toulon offers its attractions to tourists and local summer vacationers.

An unprecedented event in Toulon's habor, on February 19th the America's Cup was the subject of a press conference gathering actors, orga

Considered as stubborn, figures are an invaluable information source.

As part of Toulon's of urban renovation project and further to the requalification of Ilot Baudin neighborhood, Portalis residence has welcome