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Higher education

Toulon City University: A novelty on the eastern campus !

Operational since the end of the summer vacation and inaugurated on October 14th, a new university building was born on La Garde/La Valette campus. It is open to 150 students of SUPMÉCA (French Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Instituteantenne) (Toulon City's branch of the College of mechanics of Paris) which now benefits from state-of-the-art equipment.

Set up near the ISITV (Institute of the Engineering sciences of Toulon and the Var Department), this beautiful building with a transparent facade, perfectly integrated into its environment, features a lecture hall, classrooms, laboratories and technical workshops. Besides, those state-of-the-art workshops are equipped with a fast prototyping machine by laser sintering of powders and an electronic scanning microscope.

A new school coming soon: Seatech

High-performance pieces of equipment all the more so useful as at the start of the school year 2014/2015, Supméca and ISITV will merge to give birth  to a top-flight engineering school, Seatech. As the name indicates it, it will be resolutely directed to  sciences and marine technologies. Seatech will work in perfect sync with the university center of Toulon center as with the future science Sea Technology park, and will offer a relevant and dynamic panel of trainings in adequacy with the needs for the whole territory.

Investing for the future

It is thus a strong signal which the partners gathered during the inauguration sent to the present students particularly and to young people in general. For his part, Hubert Falco greeted "the outcome of an exemplary collaboration which shows that only a team can win". Unaminously, they underlined "the duty to invest for the future and to support a local anchorage with a national and international scope". For such are the ambitions of Seatech which considers playing in the big leagues and increasing their accommodation facilities to 500 students by 2017.

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On the last Friday of November, the city put on its winter clothes. A magical moment which will repeat itself every evening, until early January.

Nested between the green Mount Faron and the clear Le Mourillon waters, Toulon offers its attractions to tourists and local summer vacationers.

An unprecedented event in Toulon's habor, on February 19th the America's Cup was the subject of a press conference gathering actors, orga

Considered as stubborn, figures are an invaluable information source.

As part of Toulon's of urban renovation project and further to the requalification of Ilot Baudin neighborhood, Portalis residence has welcome