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Mount Faron - A Memorial Museum to the landings in Provence

The Memorial details the operations which took place on Provence coast further to the allied landing of August, 1944.

To reach the site dedicated to the memory of the landings in Provence, it is necessary to take at first the vertiginous road leading at the top of Mount Faron, or the cable car leading to one of the most beautiful panoramas looking on Toulon's natural bay. From the terrace of "Tour Beaumont" (Beaumont Tower), built in 1845 and formerly dedicated to the surveillance of Toulon city, the horizon extends from Porquerolles to La Ciotat beak, also including mounts Caume, Gros Cerveau and Baou des 4 Aures.

Inaugurated by General de Gaulle, on August 15th, 1964, the Memorial details the operations which took place on Provence coast further to the allied landings of August, 1944. The room dedicated to Great Britain contains the uniform of a British trooper, the initials of squadrons having participated in the operations or parts belonging to the participating ships. The American alcove includes the outfits of a general and an admiral, pictures and extracts from newspapers. Among the Canadian souvenirs is a compass fitted into cuff links. Regarding French troops, submarine Casabianca is particularly dealt with having escaped the scuttling; pennants of ships and air units are also on display.

All along the visit, the discovery of a clandestine transmitter, pieces of equipment used for the production of false papers, weapons used by the Maquis (members of the French underground organization that fought against the German occupation forces during World War II), maps on the resistance forces in the Var department or a collection of antiaircraft shells, remind us of those dark and heroic times which belong to the history of Toulon and the 2nd World War.

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