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New technologies

The development of digital technology

A major priority of the territory

Innovation and most particularly digital technology are part of the major priorities of the territory. The very high speed network used by the conurbation covers high stake sites. Researchers and universities run experimental projects, citizens learn and artists express themselves. A complete economic system is running within a human-sized environment.

Infrastructures and very high speed networks

Toulon Provence Méditerranée conurbation is among the first French territories to be equipped with a very high speed network via fiber optic cables dedicated to every firm and public site. A guarantee of attractiveness and competitiveness of the territory, the very high speed network covers most of the high stake sites and the economic activity areas of the conurbation. The aim is to cover a maximum of sites needing a very high speed connection for developing their activities while limiting connection charges (<€ 1,500 within the covered activity areas or public sites).

The very high speed network covers:

  • 200 public sites, 63 economic activity areas of Toulon Provence Méditerranée among which 33 with a total internal optical coverage.
  • Some major firms located outside the economic activity area as well as a high share of the firms which only have 512 kbit/s.
  • Some public buildings and facilities (TPM, CG83, urban districts, CCIV, Ports …). 
  • All the academic sites, high schools and secondary schools. 
  • All the public hospitals. 
  • The main defense / French navy sites. 

To find out more about the eligibilty of your firm to TMP THD services please contact Toulon's agency: contact@tpm-thd.fr - www.tpm-thd.fr

Services : Toulon, a territory of experimentation

The "Living Lab" associates the firms, the higher education and research establishments, the residents of local collectivities in a co-creative approach for developing services and innovative products. Among the 120 European living labs, 25 are located in France. The experiments of new services under real conditions of use take on their full meaning since almost 80% of technical innovations turn out to be commercial failures due to a lack of anticipation.

Consequently, the members of TPMed Lab ease the testing of new services in an urban environment and offer a scientific assessment of usages to project developers in order to meet best the needs of their users. Implied in this kind of projects are:

  • The I3M laboratory teams of researchers from the Université du Sud Toulon Var (USTV) (analysis of users' feedback)
  • The students of "Information and communication" Masters from the UFR Ingémédia (USTV) (implementation of prospective digital services prototypes)
  • The network of Cyber-bases (involving the population and the target users of innovations within identified places and adapted to the discovery of new usages and digital tools)
  • The firms assisted by TVT whose project is innovative

Citizen use

The Cyber-bases dedicated to learning digital technology allow the public to become familiar with computers, software (word-processing, photo editing) or the Internet. Collective workshops or individual coaching sessions are also organized by professional consultants. In a Cyber-base, multimedia animators assist and advise the public to answer their questions and meet their expectations.

The culture of digital technology

Since 2001, the City has implemented a cultural policy open to everybody. Thanks to a momentum promoted by the facilities as well as the students of the associations, the latter orientate the cultural programming towards digital technology. Exhibitions, performances, facilities, silentdisco, interactive plants, robots, Qrcodes and video mapping are all a sample of the suggested discoveries. The Hôtel des Arts, the Théâtre Liberté, the École Supérieure des Arts, TLN Festival, Manoeuvrrr Festival... are the key actors covering the territory with digital arts with exhibitions and events.

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