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Cours Lafayette market

The main street of the historical heart of the city, real entity of Toulon City life, Cours Lafayette which accommodates the famous Provençal market has recently been completely refurbished.

Inescapable for anyone venturing on the Eastern Harbour facing it or in the alleys of old Toulon City, the Cours Lafayette and its market were completely redesigned respecting their history and in dialogue with tradesmen and residents. Started in 2009, work concerned the refurbishment of a surface of 10,000 m² (from Louis Blanc Square to Hubac Square), now paved with calcareous stone, by successive phases and without stopping the activity.

The repair started with the fitting of the rainwater drainage and the renewal of all the networks (electrical, drinking water and cleansing), and continued with the fitting of street furniture, the plantation of about fifty high-stem trees, the illumination of Notre-Dame de la Seds Cathedral and the embellishment of its square, the complete repair of public lighting (40 Haussmann candelabras, 108 spots at the feet of the trees, 49 power supplies for the merchants).

In addition, a Provençal fountain and 4 centenary olive-trees were planted on Paul Count Square, contiguous to the Cours Lafayette.

The requalification of the Cours Lafayette, finalized in December 2011, proceeded within the framework of the harmonious rehabilitation of the historical centre of Toulon City where no less than 20 squares and public gardens and 28 streets have already been done up.