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Lamalgue Street

Le Mourillon district

At the end of a 10 month construction project, conducted in close collaboration with all the users, Lamalgue Street a major “trading corridor” in Le Mourillon, was the subject of a festive and rallying inauguration a couple of days before Christmas.

At dusk, on Wednesday, December 19th the “new” Lamalgue Street was very busy: local residents and shopkeepers had answered the invitation of the municipality. A packed and smiling crowd took part to the official inauguration of this brand new “bit of Mourillon”. Seasonal illuminations and settings were realised by school children of the neighbourhood.

A street to (re)disc​over

As a part of the evening programme were musical pieces sung by an artist from the Opera House choir and also sung by the audience, the unveiling of the street plate and a friendship drink. Without forgetting, of course, the Mayor’s words who didn’t fail to mention the quality of the work done.

“On the mode of participative democracy, for a beautiful result. It happened here as on Cours Lafayette. In the beginning, people told me “oh my God” and in the end everybody reckoned it had to be done. So, thank you everyone, to those who completed the works like those who had the patience to stand them.”

Obviously, the Mayor is far from being the only one to be proud of the new Lamalgue Street: embellished, secure lighted and lined with nice shop windows “it has everything of a big street!”