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The perimeter of the Duty-Free Urban Zone

  • The Conseil d’Etat is alone empowered to delimit the perimeter of the Duty-free urban zone of Toulon in the heart of the city after a lengthy process carried out at full speed by the City.
  • Indeed, the Mayor and his team fought so that the Conseil d’Etat could take into account the arguments of the City, namely the delimitation of a broadest possible perimeter going from the sea to the railway station, including the high part of the city to create the 1st French “Coeur de ville” Duty-Free zone. These extensions were closely examined and the Ministerial delegation of the city (D.I.V) moved to Toulon to measure the feasibility of the classification of certain parts of this territory.
  • Eventually, the initial perimeter was enlarged by the Conseil d’Etat. Indeed, in addition to the perimeter of the existing Sensitive Urban Area (Z.U.S) on which it relies, the final perimeter of the Duty-free Urban Zone extends to the neighbouring streets of boulevard de Strasbourg and includes on the one hand an eastern extension on grounds currently in waste land or unequally used (E.D.F/G.D.F grounds near la Loubière district, Nice station, proximity of the Law Faculty, which will be able to benefit from economic and academic development projects) and François Fabié street to Truguet street, and on the other hand a Western extension on the ground known as “la Solde”, former Saint