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Tourism: an asset for Toulon

The most beautiful natural harbor in Europe.

Toulon is a more and more appreciated destination endowed with the most beautiful natural harbor in Europe, Mount Faron, "Pavillon Bleu" certified beaches and unspoiled coves as well as cultural and sporting facilities. In 2013, with 2,933 registered hours of sun, Météo France ranked the city as the 2nd sunniest city in France.

3.4 billion euros spin-offs for the Var Department

According to a study carried out by the Insee (National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies) published in December, 2014, tourists spent 15.3 billion euros in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur in 2011. This amount has increased by 2,5 % in constant euros since 2005.

Cruises and their economic benefits

In 2014, the Var department totaled 260 stopovers and 355,000 passengers. As a leader, Toulon records 130 stopovers and 300,000 passengers, that is 35 liners from 18 different companies, as well as 7 inaugural stopovers. It represents an increase of 2 % in terms of passengers and about 22 % of stopovers compared with 2013.

The "Pavillon Bleu" (Blue Flag) label

Since 2009, every season has been marked by the confirmation of the attribution of the "Pavillon Bleu" label for the 7 beaches of le Mourillon area. This European label distinguishes the municipalities leading a long-lasting policy in favor of quality environment.

An excellent record for the Tourist Information Office

The number of people visiting the Tourist Information Office shows a rise with 222,806 visitors in 2013, against 215,005 in 2012, that is the best year since its opening.

The cable car of Mount Faron

Unique in Southern France, it allows visitors to reach the top of mount Faron (approximately 584 meters high) from the foot of the mountain. The number of passengers using the cable car went from 20,000 in 2001, to 80,000 in 2012. The "navette maritime" (the sea shuttle), bus and cable car day pass offers tourists a chance to enjoy an exceptional sightseeing tour.

The "Palais des Congrès" for business tourism in Toulon

Accessible by the TGV (High Speed Train) and by Toulon / Hyères airport, Toulon is a prime destination to value professional meetings. Ideally situated at the heart of the city, the "Palais des Congrès" specializes in the reception and the organization of seminars and conferences, while offering custom-made tourist products.
Sources : Escale Croisière

Hotel facilities

Today, Toulon has 849 hotel rooms. It aims to reach more than 1,200 by 2018. So, the projects which are going to emerge will concern 3 and 4 star hotels.