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Downtown campus

The new university plan aims at two key projects.

The building of a new university pole on the « Dalle des ferrailleurs », between the Faculty of Law and the House of Technologies, underlines the will of the conglomeration to set student life back into the heart of city.

The new university plan aims at two key projects:

The creation of the Euro-Mediterranean Research House and Ingemedia Institute (internet and multimedia engineering) carried out downtown.

and Supméca engineers school on la Garde/la Valette campus.

TPM supports the realisation of this new university plan which aims at an excelling university pole and comes within the scope of the State-Region 2007 – 2013 project contract.

The ambition of the project is to offer infrastructures and high-performance equipment as well as an innovative university education to 1,500 students, 200 PhD students and 130 teachers-researchers expected on the site by 2014.

From an architectural point of view, rooms intended for the mutualised courses and research appear under the shape of three identical white buildings with big plate glass windows and arranged on a common base. The base, including two levels, shelters the big volumes of the program such as the lecture hall and the multi-level rooms.