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Finding accommodation

Several possibilities of accommodation are at your disposal.

Several possibilities of accommodation are at your disposal: renting from a private individual, alone or with a cohabitant, living in a private or academic student hall of residence, or even opt for the intergenerational housing system.

Renting from a private individual with the House of the Student

This service of the City hall of Toulon aims at connecting students seeking accommodation and private individuals wishing to let some. There, you can find any kind of accommodation, ranging from a room in a private home to a villa. If you wish to obtain a list of landlords to contact, you only have to present a proof of school attendance or your student card for the current year. Be careful, if you look for accommodation during the summertime for next year, it will be necessary to provide the registration certificate for next year. Presently, our rental housing stock includes 2,900 housings throughout Toulon urban area among which 1,680 are located in Toulon.

Average price of housing in Toulon:

(* average carried out on 02/13/2013 according to advertisements placed at the House of the Student)

  • Room: €327
  • Studio: €390
  • Single room apartment: €396
  • Two-room apartment: €476
  • Three-room apartment: €616
  • Four-room apartment: €798
  • Five-room apartment: €1,048
  • Villa: €1,354

Renting at a student hall of residence

The private student halls of residence:

List of the student halls of residence (pdf)

Http: // www.adele.org/

The university student hall of residence

Http: // www.crous-nice.fr / logement2.php

The intergenerational housing system

As a student, you can’t find a rent adapted to your resources?

Cohabitating with a person aged more than 60 years old seems to be good a solution and an enriching experience for you?

Contact "PACT Var" to +33 4 04 94 22 65 85 cohab@pact83.org

Http: // www.tpm-agglo.fr/jahia/Jahia/logement-e tudiant-Toulon

The studying housing supports granted by the CAF (French Social Security Office).

If you pay a rent or pay off a loan for your main home, and if your resources are modest, you can benefit from one of the three following housing supports: the housing subsidy (Aide Personnalisée au Logement : A.P.L.), the family rent allowance (Allocation de logement Familiale : A.L.F) or the social rent allowance (Allocation de Logement Sociale : A.L.S.).

They are non-cumulative. The order of priority is the following one: APL, ALF, ALS.

Http: // www.caf.fr/aides-et-services/s-informer-sur-les-aides / logement-et...