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The cover letter

Some advice for writing a cover letter

Unlike the CV, the cover letter must be handwritten respecting the inevitable layout criteria and other greetings (Name top left hand side, dates to the right hand side, "Sincerely” etc. ") You will have to express your personal wishes in a crystal clear and natural way. Through your writing, the employer will have an outline of your personality.

The editorial quality will reveal the scope of your general knowledge, the precision of what you state will be a proof of your good faith, your tone, both direct and courteous will underline your sense of human relationships! However, it is not necessary to draft an endless prose. Do not lose sight of the main part: the letter should highlight your motivations and not tell the story of your life! The employer must be convinced of the legitimacy of your application. You have to awaken his(her) curiosity, make him(her) feel like meeting you…

To have all the chances to make a successful cover letter, follow these few stages:

  • Think about your motivations, gather convincing arguments,
  • Make several drafts until you find the right tone,
  • Ask your relatives and friends to read the different versions,
  • Use classical but not familiar greetings,
  • The text must be airy,
  • Avoid more than 5 line paragraphs, the absence of margins, irregular margins.
  • Write the final version with a pen (preferably an ink-pen), using blue or black ink on white A4-size paper.
  • Never use: colour paper, paper with lines or squares, perforated paper, bright colour ink or running felt pens.
  • Never forget your signature, down right hand side (reasonably sized)

The Bureau Information Jeunesse (Information Office for the Young) regularly organizes “A Successful Application” workshops.