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Trade – Sales – Distribution

Do you feel like having a first experience in the sales business while studying?

Checkout assistant is a major summer job. During the summer, self-services, hypermarkets and supermarkets recruit a great number of students, very often to replace the on vacation staff. Apply as soon as possible. A lack of work experience will not be a problem for you.

There are many job opportunities in the trade, sales and distribution sectors.

Punctual or year-round jobs during inventories, or press vendor, Head of department, etc.

Special event management / Animation / Reception

Host or hostess on shows, forums, handing-out leaflets, sales-assistant at a supermarket … Are you tempted by a reception job and special event management? If you present well, you keep smiling under any circumstances, you have the gift of the gab, then why not have a go and try yourself at it?

Hotel, catering and tourist industries

Those are sectors which attract numerous seasonal workers. Several kinds of jobs await you: waiter, bartender, baggage handler, doorman, night watchman, chambermaid, desk clerk, kitchen aid, reception and services in fast foods, amusement parks, discotheques etc.

However, certain jobs require specific certificates. It is particularly the case in the sports and the early childhood fields where the BAFA (certificate for youth leaders and workers) is often a required condition. Mastering one or several languages may turn out to be essential as well.

The farming sector

From the middle of May to the end of October, the developers of French agricultural and wine-making regions need additional workforce. Go picking or grape picking according to the climate and the calendar.

The Hospital sector

Note for the attention of medical students and paramedical sectors: hospitals recruit agents of hospital wards (ASH) every summer. Your job will consist in taking care of the maintenance of premises, equipment and hygiene, distributing the meals to patients, working in the kitchen or even being an stretcher-bearer, according to the ward where you will be appointed.


Having your driver’s licence handy, why not be a courier during the holidays? The courier can either be an employee of a company, or an employee of a delivery company. It is necessary to have a sense of orientation, to know the various districts where you are brought to work and to drive carefully (respecting the traffic rules and wearing a helmet!). Another idea of job is delivering. According to the company you will work for, you will deliver ready-made meals, foodstuffs, etc. In addition to the handling it will be necessary to unload what you transport. Following the example of the courier, you will ride a motorcycle and will often be in touch with customers.


Reconcile job with studies while baby-sitting! For all those who may not have found the good way to earn money during the summer holidays and finance their studies, a solution is baby-sitting. An activity which you can carry out all year round and according to your availability!

Temporary work

If you prefer to commit yourself to shorter missions which can be more varied, a temporary job is certainly what you need. You work on the rhythm that suits you and a wide range of jobs is available. With no single area, all the professional sectors are accessible with a temporary job (a big proportion of the missions to be provided results from the industry and the services sectors). It is also a good deal if you cannot have a part-time student job during the year, the agency can contact you for small punctual missions (inventories, replacements, etc.).

A targeted application, directions for use

You spotted an interesting job to finance your studies or your desires? Here are some clues which will make a winning candidate out of you!

Before rushing, read the job offer with care. Spot the advertisement number to specify it in your mail and verify that your profile matches all the requirements (education, size for the hostesses, languages). What’s more, make sure that working time slots will match your timetable.

Then, even if the recruitment procedures are often more flexible for a student job, take good care of your job application. A CV and a cover will be often requested, sometimes a picture... For your CV, the rigor is appropriate. Choose a white sheet of paper, of classic size (A4), as a title mention the requested position and respect 3 sections: "education", "work experience" and "miscellaneous". The cover letter has to demonstrate your assets and your skills for the job. Your purpose is to get an appointment. Sometimes, you will just have to phone.

Specify the reason for your call, the advertisement reference while remaining concise. Do not hesitate to call back several times!


“Forum des jobs d’étés” (The Summer-jobs meeting) organized by the B.I.J. (Information Office for the Young) in March

Internships, jobs, employment, sandwich courses meeting organised by USTV in March


The House of the Student offers a student jobs service with job offers

Pôle Emploi (French Employment Agency)

At your own university


On the web