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The Youth pass

Free, it gives advantages and leads to solidarity!

To answer the strong mobilization of Toulon’s young inhabitants during the "Rencontre de la Jeunesse” (Meetings of the Youth), originated by the municipality and TPM in 2009, the City of Toulon launched the "Youth pass” in October, 2011.

The Youth pass is free and addresses the schooled young people from 11 to 25 years old or living in Toulon.

Documents to be supplied:

  • the completed registration form,
  • a passport picture,
  • a photocopy of your ID card, a proof of address,
  • a parental consent for the under-18s,
  • a school certificate for those of you who don’t live in Toulon.

Numerous advantages:

The holders of this pass benefit from some advantages, like:

  • The participation in cycles from 3 to 4 sessions of discovery of sports and cultural activities in partnership with associations.
  • Special accesses to the activities offered by institutions (City of Toulon, TPM, General Council, Region, State), and cultural, sports or leisure facilities.
  • Special prices to concerts, cultural shows, sporting events, or schemes dedicated to young people, just like “Toulon Destination Ados”.
  • Advantages offered by storekeepers who are partners of the scheme.
  • The Youth pass makes the connection between young people and current events which concern them. The holders of the Youth pass have access to a performing space for their researches, for practical information (studies, education, internships, transport and trips).

A pass that keeps in touch with you:

Every Thursday, you will receive by e-mail all the news and the events connected with the pass via the Newsletter. It contains several themes as sport, advice on study options, culture, initiatives, environment... So you know everything that takes place in and around your city.

You will also be informed by SMS or by vocal message of punctual events and news taking place in Toulon.

En savoir plus 

Any practical information, an idea of project, a sporting or cultural event or anything else that you would like to advertise?

The Youth pass team is available.