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A strong heritage

Toulon holds a number of treasures.

A small fishing port named Telo in the Ancien World, the city of Toulon enjoys an important historical heritage which it endeavours to maintain, restore and develop.

This heritage grew richer in 2006 with the acquisition by the City of "la Tour Royale" (the Royal Tower) which dates back to 1524. Requalification works give a second youth to symbolic monuments: the restoration of the Art Museum, the facade of Saint Louis church or the refitting of some representative places of the city centre like "la place de la Liberté" (Liberty Square) or "la place à l'Huile" (the Oil square) are recent examples of this policy.

Indeed, Toulon holds a number of treasures among which some come to light when walking along the narrow streets of the lower part of the city. Most squares, shaded by plane trees or by olive trees, belong to History. The reputable provencal market named "Cours Lafayette", a combination of colours and typical Provencal scents, is also part of Toulon's heritage. As a symbol of a whole lifestyle, it crosses the old centre sprawling down to the harbour. There, stalls are settled in front of the sea near Saint-François-de-Paule church, the other jewel of Toulon's heritage.