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Coming to Toulon

Graded "tourist Municipality" since 2011, Toulon welcomes more and more people all year round.

Toulon, an attractive city!

While the city had been losing inhabitants for about twenty years, the trend was reversed in the 2000s.

There are more than 170,000 of us living in Toulon today (170,041 inhabitants exactly on January 1st, 2009 according to the 2006 INSEE (National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies) census.

It is a fact: these not definitive figures communicated by the INSEE show that our city has found an attractiveness worth of a big metropolis.

The current result of the survey carried out by the national statistics Institute is thus very good news for our city, even if it must be refined: indeed, according to the new census method, cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants are polled every year, randomly selected considering 8 % of their accommodations, whereas "small" cities are polled every five years on a rotational basis.

Not only has the population of Toulon stopped decreasing significantly, but it also has experienced an increase by about 8,000 inhabitants with regard to the 1999 census!

From 160,639 in 1999, we went up to 168,200 inhabitants in 2005, which is an annual increase superior to 0.7 % (the average growth rate in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur area).

And this trend is bound to continue: in the coming 10 years, we will welcome at least 8,000 more inhabitants …

As an additional proof of the attractiveness regained by our city, the rate of housing vacancies amounted to 15 % in 2001 (9,767 dwellings), but it amounts to 10 % (less than 6,500 dwellings) today.

Furthermore, 3,691 building permits were delivered over 9 years and 5,429 new dwellings have been built, among which 820 social dwellings and 630 student dwellings!

In October, 2010, the specialized magazine "Population et avenir" specified that Toulon is part of 25 " urban French units " of more than 50,000 inhabitants having experienced a high growth of their population between 1975 and 2006: more than 25 % compared with 12,2 % on average for the 117 "urban units" belonging to the country.

Out of 25 "urban units" experiencing the strongest growth, Toulon and its urban area ranks 22nd with 543,065 inhabitants in 2006 compared with 426,390 in 1975, which is a 27.4 % increase!

The increase in population experienced in Toulon thus comes to confirm the change of image of our city and its regained dynamism.

Moreover, the renewal of Toulon was confirmed by the recovery of its real estate market even though this upturn has suffered from the international crisis as everywhere else.