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Le fort Saint-Louis

It was built on the orders of Vauban in 1692.

Fort Saint Louis, which belongs to the Navy, is located on Frédéric Mistral littoral road, near le Mourillon beaches.

Implanted on the Vignette cove it was originally called "Fort des Vignettes" and was built on the orders of Vauban in 1692.

In front of the sea, it was then totally surrounded by it before being connected to the bank by a platform which is used today to dry the boats of the small adjacent port. In 1707, its strategic position at the entrance of the natural bay allowed to deter the invasion of Toulon and Provence. After the damage caused by that battle, it was rebuilt and renamed Saint Louis Fort. Every year on August 15th, a firework display and the fort fire make up one of Toulon's most attractive shows.

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