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Jean Aicard - Paulin Bertrand Museum

Certified "Musée de France" and "Maison d'écrivain" (Writer's House).

Although it is located in La Garde city, between mount Coudon and the sea, Jean Aicard - Paulin Bertrand museum, certified "Musée de France" and "Maison d'écrivain" (Writer's House) is managed by Toulon City. The building, erected in a typical Provencal style, rises in the middle of a 6ha tree park, imagined by Toulon academician Jean Aicard.

Renamed "Oleanders" by the poet, it is tinged with his passage and marked by the friendly meetings which he organized there. Just like those regularly organized with ceramist Clément Macié or modeller painter Paulin Bertrand, whose house is filled with his works. The latter stayed with his wife at the ancient country-house and inherited it when his friend passed away in 1921.

Inside the house, numerous objects testify of Jean Aicard's life and personality.

If the poet praised the virtues of Provence, his native land, he was also interested in travelling as testify the Chinese tea set, the tusk or the Kabyle vases which decorate the lounge. Some of his poems refer to traditional meals such as fish soup ("bouillabaisse) or "aioli" (Provencal traditional sauce made of garlic, olive oil, and egg). Furthermore, the house has kept a remarkable kitchen, fitted with a "pile" (the Provencal name describing a kitchen sink) and of a baker's oven. As the Mecca of reception, the bright winter garden, a symbol of the receptions given in honor of famous dinner guests like Pierre Loti, Jules Michelet, Emile Ollivier or Frédéric Mistral, is characterized by walls covered with texts and illuminations. Fascinated by literature, the author of "Maurin des Maures" maintained various correspondences and was prolific as show of it his study or the bookcase, rich in more than 5,000 books.

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Le musée Jean Aicard / Paulin Bertrand

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