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Mediterranean species

The symbols of the gentle lifestyle which reigns around the deep blue sea, the fragrance of lavender and the song of the cicada are omnipresent in our collective imagination as soon as one thinks of the Mediterranean Sea.

The territory turns out to be so very rich regarding aromatic plants! The local flora varies according to the landscapes one crosses. Indeed, the vegetation is not the same whether it is along the seaside or open environments.

  • The calcareous soil of Mounts from Toulon shelters plenty of scrubland. There, shrubs of thyme (also called "farigoule" in Provence), rosemary, wild lavender and savory grow as far as the eye can see.
  • Further east, the crystalline ground of Colle Noire, from Provençal "kola negré" (black hill) favors the emergence of scrubland. Myrtle, the ultimate aromatic plant, is used for preparing liqueurs.
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