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La place de la Liberté

(The liberty square)

Built in 1858, on the initiative of the war ministry, this large square (117m long and 120m wide) represented the "Center of Modern Toulon". The Subdivision Hotel and the Military Society were built there in 1875.

Settled in the heart of the High City Haussmann square and given back to the City, it was named La place de la liberté (The Liberty Square) in 1889. Built in 1870, the Grand Hotel which rises at the North side of the square was requisitioned by the occupying army during the 2nd world war before being turned into the Marine Prefecture in 1944.

After having accommodated apartments it definitively closed down in 1997.

As a symbol of Toulon, the former Grand Hotel has accommodated the Théâtre liberté (The Liberty Theater), managed by Charles and Philippe Berling, since its inauguration in September, 2011. On the square, la fontaine de la fédération (the Federation Fountain), inaugurated by President Carnot in 1890, gathers three statues made of stone from Calissane. They represent France, Strength and Justice.

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