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La porte d'Italie

La porte d'Italie (Italy Gate) appears among the last vestiges of the city's fortified belt

Between 1200 and 1900, Toulon locked itself behind more and more powerful and vast bulwarks.

From the Middle Ages to the end of the XIXth century, four surrounding walls were erected one after another and few vestiges remain of those.

The initial medieval surrounding wall enclosed a small 3 hectare city completed by the construction of the Henri IV surrounding wall (from 1589 to 1606) which allowed the city to extend around the medieval core.

The five bastion star-shaped surrounding wall was drilled for opening two doors: Saint-Nazare door in the East (which would become Italy Gate) and Notre-Dame door in the west.

The third door opened on the old sheltered dock. Later, Vauban surrounding wall made up an extension westward.

In March, 1796, Bonaparte and his army went through that gate to launch a campaign in Italy, hence the name of the gate.